Tfees™ Straw

Why BPA Free?

What is BPA?

BPA, or bisphenol A, is a synthetic estrogen compound that can be found in common, everyday plastics.


Why is BPA bad?

Studies have shown that when BPA is in our systems, it affects how our natural estrogen and other hormones act. BPA does this by blocking our own hormones or mimicking them. This process throws off the body's natural hormonal balance.


If something is BPA-Free, is it safe?

Not always. A substitute for BPA is BPS, which is just as harmful. There are other chemicals with estrogenic activity (EA) and androgenic activity (AA) that cause similar problems.


How will I know something is completely safe?

Check if there has been third-party testing on the product and how reliable the scientific testing and conclusions are.


Who makes safe plastics?

Tritan™ From Eastman has spent years testing, re-testing, and sending their plastics out to be tested in order to ensure the safety of their products. The list of third-party tests includes but are not limited to:

  • Health Canada
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • European Food Safety Authority and European Commission
  • China’s Ministry of Health
  • Japan Hygienic Olefin and Styrene Plastics Association


Tritan™ is BPA-BPS free as well as free from any estrogenic activity and androgenic activity. Tritan is engineered to be better. Tritan doesn’t contain any bisphenols. Products made with Tritan plastic are clear, durable, safe and stylish.


Does it really matter for my straws?

Absolutely! An average of 500 million plastic straws are in the U.S every day, that’s almost 2 straws straws per person per day. When you’re using a conventional plastic straw, the chemicals get into your beverage through sipping therefore getting into your system.


What options do I have?

That’s why Tammi created TFees Straw made with Tritan, to provide the safest straw possible for your beverages. They’re free of bisphenols, estrogenic activity, and androgenic activity. They’re heat-resistant and dishwasher safe, which makes them the only patented heat-safe reusable straw on the market today. TFees was made to be the last straw you’ll need.


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