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Tammi Fee, Founder of Tfees

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Tfees Mission Statement
At Tfees Straws, we believe that your smile is priceless! We are committed to protecting that smile, preventing enamel erosion and helping you preserve your health. To achieve this, we have created the highest quality and most effective straw for drinking your hot beverages and favorite wines and juices safely. Our patented design will only be manufactured here in the USA where the closest attention to production quality control can be constantly maintained.

Tfees Straws – changing the way we drink, one smile at a time.

Like you, I love my hot mug of tea or coffee in the morning, my smoothies of various dark green and purple colors, and I enjoy a great red wine! I also love my white healthy teeth and plan to keep them that way. Most dentists, including mine, recommend using straws to protect your teeth from staining and enamel erosion.

I listened to my dentist and invented Tfees patented heat safe reusable drinking straws, so we can have our favorite beverages and keep our teeth healthy and bright safely.

As a degreed nutritionist and exercise specialist, my health is equally as important to me as my vanity. I will not sacrifice one for the other and believe you should not have to either!

Many plastics out there are not recommended to be heated in any way (sun, microwave, boiling etc.). Tfees straws are proudly made in the USA of a high quality plastic, which is heat safe, as well as BPA, estrogenic and androgenic free. It will not leech, break down, absorb or discolor in hot or acidic beverages. It is easily cleaned and sanitized, and will not change the taste of your beverage!!!

Tfees are terrific for the whole family, from toddlers to grandparents! Its ease of use and patented design makes sipping comfortable and safe. Great for to-go cups, fitting snugly through the sipping hole so it reduces spills. Its flat design keeps it from moving around, and the tip makes sipping smooth and slow while protecting your teeth. Available in three sizes for a variety of uses, Tfees come in an airtight carrying case for maximum portability so you can have them whenever you need them.

I love this product and I know you will too! Together, we're changing the way we drink one beautiful smile at a time.