Tfees™ Straw


For The Wine Lover

  • Tfees™  prevents wine from staining and eroding your teeth by directing the flow of your favorite red or white past your teeth and directly to your palette.
  • The discreet, clear straw is designed to lay flat against your wine glass, becoming nearly invisible and enabling you to enjoy the full nose of your wine.

For The Coffee Drinker

  • Tfees™  can withstand hot temperatures from steamy drinks to sanitizing dishwashers (withstands above 212° Fahrenheit)!
  • Unlike disposable plastic straws and stirrers, Tfees™  will not melt or release harmful toxins.
  • The three lengths included in every Tfees™  package accommodate the most popular coffee shop to-go cup sizes.
  • The patented tip fits tightly inside most to-go cup lids, creating a barrier to reduce spills.

For Your Health

  • Tfees™  are BPA-free, toxin-free, and do not absorb, leach or stain.
  • Tfees™  straws help prevent enamel erosion from acidic beverages by directing liquid away from your teeth.

For The Environment

  • Tfees™  are easy to clean: no harmful chemicals needed, just soap and water.
  • The reusable straws can prevent the use of thousands of disposable plastic straws each year, reducing plastic waste.
  • Tfees™  are proudly made in the USA.