Tfees™ Straw

Tfees™ - Testimonials


"Acid/tooth erosion is a growing concern and could quickly become a threat to the long-term health of our teeth. Most therapies to minimize this problem are invasive and costly. Tfees™ straws are the most dependable and cost-effective way to protect your enamel and prevent sensitivity and staining, particularly after whitening procedures when your teeth are more susceptible to staining. I highly recommend them!"

Dr. Todd Bertman, DDS - Advanced Dental Arts, NYC


As a facial skin care expert I perform treatments to keep people's skin balanced and youthful looking.  To complete that healthy look I always recommend the Tfees straw to my clients so they can maintain their beautiful smile 365 days a year!"

Vincent Kolb - Medical esthetics and Skin Care Expert, NYC

"They are amazing!!! And the carrying case makes it so easy! I used 
them all weekend while I was out with the in-laws (many instances I needed coffee....) I have an event this week and will be telling the models and everyone I see about them."

Jennifer - Stylist, NYC


"As a Mom who's spent a fortune on my kid's teeth over the years, I love the fact that Tfees™ not only protects my girls' teeth but keep them clean in between brushing!!! I wonder how much I've saved in Dentist visits!!!"

Cindy Brown - Mom


"My teeth are a little sensitive from whitening so I love Tfees for not only keeping them white but protecting them from the iced coffee I can't live without!!"

Ysabelle Williams



"I am absolutely in love with your product! It is the perfect addition to my on set bag! I gave it to one of my judges to use! It kept her lipstick in tact and flawless! I would love to get more and give to the rest of my girl judges! I think this is great addition to market for "on set" use!"

Lisa Dempsey - MakeUp Artist, CA

Straws are very important on set. They are used multiple times a day. Tfees would and will ROCK their world! The advantages are incredible. I personally used it myself and I found nothing but positives with this product!
Russell Best - Executive Producer, NY