Tfees™ Straw

Coffee Drinker

  • Tfees™ straws are truly heat safe (with stand past 212˚F) for all your favorite hot coffees and teas. No leeching or melting into your beverage.
  • Our patented straws are designed for comfortable slow smooth sipping, no big gulps. The straw stays cool to lips and mouth while sipping hot drinks ( always test temperature of drink that it is comfortable temperature before sipping).
  • Coffee and teas cause enamel erosion and staining to teeth, with Tfees™ straws you can enjoy your favorite hot beverage and protect your teeth safely and naturally.
  • Three sizes allow for easy sipping from mugs and snug fit through to go lids helping to reduce spills.

Wine Lover

  • The discreet, clear straw is designed to lay flat against your wine glass, becoming nearly invisible and enabling you to enjoy the full nose of your wine.
  • Tfees™ straws made of Tritan™ non absorbing, non leeching plastic will not ever change taste of your wine. 
  • Red and white wine are acidic and cause enamel erosion and staining, drinking with Tfees straw aerates each sip and protects teeth naturally.

Your Health

  • Tfees™ straw made of 100%  heat safe Tritan™ plastic is proven BPA, Bps, estrogenic, androgenic free.
  • Our patented design protects more of your teeth from erosion, staining and sensitivity.  It is fits the maxillary position of the mouth properly allowing for ease and comfort while delivering beverage to upper pallet and tongue away from teeth.
  • Great and safe for the elderly, young children and every age in between.  Protecting your teeth your precious smile through a life time.

The Environment

  • Trees™ straws made of reusable heat safe Tritan™ plastic are easy to clean with soap and water, dishwasher safe and sanitizable.
  • The reusable straws can prevent the use of thousands of disposable plastic straws each year, reducing plastic waste.
  • Proudly made 100% in the USA and always will be.