Tfees™ Straw

An Effective Answer to Enamel Erosion, Staining and Sensitivity

My name is Dr Bertman and I am a  general dentist practicing in New York City. In my 16 yrs of practicing, I have noticed that patients have been developing more tooth sensitivity and tooth erosion then ever before.  As a result, many more patients are requesting anesthesia with common cleaning procedures than in the past. Does any of this sound typical for you?

So,I have asked myself, Why? Amongst several reasons, diet is the most obvious…

Where diet is concerned it is simple to see that foods consumed with a higher acidic content is our culprit and is causing tooth/enamel erosion. Unfortunately, as we all know the enamel/tooth structure that erodes away does NOT grow back. These days, people are consuming something as simple as coffee morning, noon, and night with the boom of coffee houses. Other interesting patterns of consumption include the juicing craze.  Although considered healthy, many fruits that are juiced contain a high acidic content that is harmful to the teeth. Many other popular acidic drinks include carbonated beverages and wine.  According to some studies, as few as four acidic "occasions" or exposures during the day can put your enamel at risk.

Acid/tooth erosion is a growing concern and could quickly become a threat to the long term health of our teeth. Therefore, I have recommended different therapies to minimize this problem for my patients. However, most treatments are invasive and costly.  Fortunately, I can now also recommend Tfees straws as a conservative and dependable way to protect your teeth from tooth erosion. Tfees straws are the best cost-effective way to protect your enamel and protect your teeth from sensitivity and stains, helping to maintain a white healthy smile.  In fact, your teeth are more susceptible to re-staining immediately after whitening so I also recommend using Tfees straws to my patients to protect their pearly whites from staining and enjoy whiter teeth for longer periods of time.  To use the straw, simply place it between and behind the teeth so that these erosive/acidic and staining ingredients bypass the teeth.

What I really like about Tfees is that they are re-usable and contribute to a green environment by not continuously using and throwing out disposable plastic straws.  Additionally, they are made of Tritan plastic which is BPA free, dishwasher safe, and heat and stain resistant.