Tfees™ Straw

We're Changing The Way We Drink, One Beautiful Smile At A Time

Cheers To The Launch Of TFEES - The Patented Straw That Actually Protects Your Teeth!

Tfees straw is truly "the last straw" you will ever need. The difference is CLEAR-- our patented design and superior heat safe quality makes Tfees perfect for all hot and cold beverages allowing you to simply attain and maintain a luminous smile.

faceProtecting your teeth and those of your family has never been easier or more chic. Tfees patented design protects teeth from enamel erosion, staining and sensitivity caused by our everyday favorite beverages like coffee, tea, juices, smoothies, wine, and soft drinks. Yes, even our healthy drinks are contributing to enamel erosion which never grows back and unwanted stains on both natural teeth and veneers.

Dr Todd Bertman, leading cosmetic and general dentist in NYC states, "Acid/tooth erosion is a growing concern and could quickly become a threat to the long term health of our teeth. Most therapies to minimize this problem are invasive and costly. Tfees™ straws are the most dependable and cost-effective way to protect your enamel and prevent sensitivity and staining, particularly after whitening procedures when your teeth are more susceptible. I highly recommend them!"

Our superior quality is due to our commitment to manufacturing only in the USA using the highest quality heat resistant, BPA, estrogenic, androgenic free plastic that will never leech, absorb, or splinter allowing it to be safe for all beverages and all ages. Tammi Fee, founder and creator of Tfees straws states, " as a degreed nutritionist and exercise specialist for 20 years, I am unwilling to compromise on my health in order to look better and I don't think anyone else should have to either”.

Tfees straws cover all the bases! A patented design to fit your mouth comfortably providing smooth, slow sipping. Reusable, heat safe, dishwasher safe, sanitizable, non leeching, non absorbent plastic that doesn't change the taste of favorite beverages. Unlike glass and stainless steels straws, Tfees do not conduct heat so they will remain cool to the touch and lips. Available in three different sizes, they fit in 90% of cups and glasses, including your to go cups to reduce spills making sipping on the go effortless. Packaged in an air tight carrying case made of the same superior plastic so you can bring your Tfees straws where ever you go.

 Whitening and cosmetic procedures are expensive. Your teeth and health are priceless, Tfees straws are an affordable natural way to protect your precious teeth and dental investments.